Photo-documentary About Street Vendors and Craftsmen in Mexico City

The story of the title is really meaningful specially for Mexicans since this is the title of a very popular song that invites to feel lot of nostalgia when you are outside your country. The way it is written here sounds the same as the original title is written but means completely the opposite. The literal meaning is: Beautiful and Beloved Mexico (México lindo y querido). But the way it is written now, means: Beautiful and hurt Mexico (México lindo y qué herido).

This is the way I feel towards my country. It is beloved and hurt.

It is a reality, currently Mexico is passing through a big crisis, into its economy, corruption, insecurity, and so much more. To this day my experimentation with different art forms has always sought a single goal: the use of self-expression to provoke thought and social change. In my attempt as a photographer to send positive and honest messages to society, I consider this project as a natural evolution in my quest. These images form part of over 100 portraits and testimonies about Mexico's actual situation that will be published in my first book within the next year.

I decided to take my camera, a recorder and ask 2 simple questions to this people.

    1.    What do you think about Mexico?
    2.    What do you expect from Mexico?

The voices and faces coming out of that jungle of concrete prove that despite poverty and violence there is a strong fiber of humanity and hope that connects us all. It is by calling onto that connection that all members of society can redefine themselves and start building anew.

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